Lovely Lucy V – Cold Coffee (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Lovely Lucy V – Cold Coffee (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Curled up on the chair, Kenny felt his arms being wrapped around her waist. Unadulterated affection blanket them in their exhaustion.

He was content and remembered that all he wanted was in his arms. He reflected that as he counted the ribs on her right side, her upper arm, her collar bone and finally her chin as he pulled her in for a kiss.

It was the kiss that would be cut short by a knock on the door.

It was Tom.

Kenny felt as though Tom knew they were in the office and knew what they had done.

“Dr, I need to talk you about your medication schedule for one of the patients.”

This sentence bellowed through the surround offices. Kenny knew his arse was on the line.

Kenny stared blankly at Lucy, who returned the stare. This peaceful moment could result in losing both their registrations.

With precision, Kenny watched Lucy spring into action. She threw his clothes at him… as they scrambled to become dressed.

In the mayhem of the moment Tom yelled, ”Dr, I need you, now…”

A clothed Kenny pointed to Lucy and gestured her to hide under his desk. It was the best shot of not getting caught.

Kenny heard Dr Parker address Tom.

In the heat of the moment, Kenny felt tears rolling down his cheeks and flung the door open. He sure as hell didn’t want to lose his job. He quickly pulled the door shut.

Red eyes were met with a gasp by Dr Parker. ”Kenny, is everything okay? Look, you’re crying. I’ll handle it. I’ll talk to you once I’m done with the patient that Tom was talking about. Honestly Kenny, you’re not yourself and you haven’t been for a little while now. I’d like to talk to you about this when I come back.”, Dr Parker turned his head, “Tom, you have my full attention. Tell me… ”

Kenny weakly smiled, ”Thanks Bruce, it’s just personal. Thank you for your support and understanding. A walk and a coffee when you come back? Please knock on my door when you’re done with the patient.”

Kenny nodded and watched Dr Parker and Tom stride off down the corridor. Kenny slipped through the door without so much as a sound to mark the door’s opening or closing.

He strode towards Lucy and pulled her from under the desk. He kissed her so slowly and so gently.

He wished with all his heart that he could stay this way for eternity. He felt his lover pull away from her and he was reminded that they work together and to avoid prying eyes like Tom’s, it was best for her to leave.

He pulled her in for a final kiss before she walked out as if nothing had happened. Kenny sat down at his desk and thought at he was so fucking fortunate ror the sheer fact that he didn’t get caught.

He was dove into his paperwork and freed himself of Tom, Dr Parker, Lucy.

He drew conclusions from his desk about his patients and before too long he heard a rattle on the door and Dr Parker’s voice. “Kenny?”

Kenny opened the door and there stood Dr Parker with two coffees.
“Bruce, let’s go.”
The two then walked down the corridor with their heads hung like criminals.

Down the corridor, Kenny and Bruce overlooked the hospital front lawn. Kenny opened up, ”Bruce, it’s like this… I’m just finding my job too stressful and today, I realised that I just need a break with things. I…”

Kenny was interrupted by Dr Parker, ”Kenny, I see how hard you work. It’s about damn time that you need to leave this hospital and take a break. For the last few weeks you’ve looked down and not I really think it’s time to put in for some time away. I’m not suggesting this to you, I’m telling you now. I’m forcing you.. I told HR to process your leave.”

Kenny slowly nodded and uttered one simple word. “Thanks”

Kenny watched Dr Parker’s mouth move, but there was no sound. Just Lucy in his thoughts, as Kenny’s brain worked overtime.

Lucy only escaped Kenny when he felt Dr Parker’s hand on his left shoulder. Dr Parker remarked, ”They’re not your marching orders Kenny, they’re just pieces of advice. Anyway, enjoy your time off. You have two weeks leave starting Friday. HR will formally tell you this either today or tomorrow.”

With those words, Dr Parker walked off.
While he was bemused, Kenny knew that he could use this time away to be with his Lucy lady.

Cold coffee in hand, Kenny’s disposition showed itself in the broken watermelon smile on the way to his office. He got away with it. His Lucy would be most impressed he thought swallowing his cold caffeine hit.

Lucy played on his mind as he grabbed his phone, his keys and his bag. He raced to be with her at her little pad as she snuck back home.

His mind blurred until he got to Lucy’s door. He flew through the door to kiss Lucy.

He called out to her, as she walked to the door. In the heat of the moment, he grabbed by her waist and ripped off her black dressing gown from her slight frame. He pulled her into her bedroom. He knew with this sort of move, it wouldn’t be long until she followed his lead. He felt her transformed into the lustful animal, a match for the beast that was Kenny.

These words rang in his ears, ”Kenny, Kenny, Kenny… take me baby. I heard about what happened. Two weeks right? You’re mine now… ”.

He felt her legs wrap around him and she pushed him inside of her as if their lives depended on it. Her bedroom was a zoo that held two beast as they screeched for more.

He plunged deeper inside of her, while his tongue worked equally as hard to engulf the milk that seeped from her. Her back arched against the bed where they lay all this time to ensure that he could see her breasts in their milky glossed state. He could only lap up so much, but he tried to swallow as much as he could. She helped him by squeezing her breasts to make sure he could gulp as much as he could without having to suckle too much.

He grunted as he gave one final movement to assert that he was hers. He fell on top of her in a lactate glaze, panting like an animal who gave the chase of its life.

Lucy stared at him.
“Kenny, these two weeks are going to be fun. Aren’t they?! Also, I have a breast pump from work.” He couldn’t agree more.

Holly L. Skarsgård

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