Mila (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Mila (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Mila woke up in a daze. The room was dark, but everywhere there were flashing lights and buzzers going off. Someone spoke in the darkness; a sharp exotic language she could not place.

They came towards her, and she tried to get up, to move, but she was strapped upright to a wall. She tried not to make a sound. Whoever they were, she was frightened of them, and she didn’t want to draw attention to herself.

Something sharp stuck in her neck, and she had just enough time to realize that someone was using a syringe on her before it was taken out. She’d yelled when she felt the pain, and once it was over she decided to risk calling out again.

“Who are you?! What do you want?! Where am I?!” Every question she wanted to know came out of her mouth, but not a one was answered.

Then, another syringe in her neck, and everything went black again.

When she awoke the second time, she was in a different place. At least, it seemed that way.

There were no more flashing lights, no more beeping. And this room was decently lit, although there was still a dimness about it that made everything hard to see.

Once again she heard noises, something coming towards her, just one this time she could tell. She could also tell that if she looked, she would see, as it sounded close and the lighting was better now. But she didn’t want to look, didn’t want to see.

But it would be stupid not to.

What she saw was a tall figure, with glittering white skin and a small, rounded face. It- he as she noticed then- had a smallish mouth and huge eyes.

He stared at her, and the way he did it set her nerves on edge.

Mila was still strapped to a wall, holding her in place, and she looked around now. It made it easier than looking at the thing in front of her.

The floor of the room was one giant cushion, and the walls seemed to be too. There were other large pillows, and blankets as well. Everything seemed very… black, yet with glistening silver jewels that, along with the strange being, contrasted the rest of the room greatly. It almost hurt her eyes to see it for some reason.

The thing started to poke and prod her breasts, which she discovered were bare. In fact, she was completely naked, save the parts the straps covered her. He seemed to be feeling them for something.

“What? What do you want?” Mila asked. She was straining against the straps in the opposite direction, trying to get away from his touch.

He didn’t open his mouth to speak, but he looked up to her face as he squeezed a breast tenderly.

She looked down. Something didn’t feel right…

A mostly clear, slightly milky liquid shot out from her nipple.

Was she… was she lactating? How was that possible? She wasn’t pregnant!

The creature licked his fingers, which had gotten hit with her milk. The sight of him doing that made Mila curl her upper lip in disgust.

After a moment, she just looked away from him altogether, her mind preparing itself for what she suspected would be next.

And she was right. At least, in the general idea that he would be feeling her some more.

He used his hands to start to massage her breasts, which milk was now spilling out of. They were so much bigger than she remembered them being. They had gone from A’s to way past DD’s, and were tighter and heavier too. So much so it hurt.

He then dipped his head down and licked across her nipple with one motion.

His breath was hot as could be, and tongue had felt marvelous, although the young woman didn’t want to admit it.

She was getting more and more upset with her predicament, and she didn’t want him to touch her any more. She didn’t want the struggle of how it was starting to feel, against what she knew was wrong.

But as his head went down again, she couldn’t help the moment of anticipation, before he pulled away without doing a thing. His eyes looked up at her, as if he knew she had wanted it in that moment.

“Let me go now!” She screamed, yanking against the straps again, which hurt, but she didn’t care. Her mind whirled. She wasn’t supposed to like this was she? But then again, some women she knew orgasmed while being raped. It was just a natural human response.

Maybe… if there was no way out… she might as well enjoy it… if she could that was.

She didn’t like her body feeling things she didn’t want it to though, and she was prepared to fight every feeling, if she could.

The strange white being dipped his head down again, and this time, an arm went up on either side of Mila, and he leaned into her.

Suddenly, she felt the best sensation on one of her breasts. There was a pulling, but also, a release of the fluids inside. He was drinking from her. His mouth was clamped around her nipple, and he was massaging that breast with one large hand.

Mila couldn’t help but get flushed at the feeling, and she could feel a little wetness between her legs as well. Why was she so turned on by this?

He was taking large gulps, and Mila’s face went from disgust to wide-eyed, to a bit of fear, yet she bit her lip. The sensation was amazing. Her huge breast, being milked…

Then, he leaned in more, and started to drink more and more greedily. Now taking short quick pulls.

The young woman couldn’t help but feel as if this was something she was willingly participating in, and she kept biting her lower lip as she pushed her chest out a bit, almost as an offering.

Oh yeah baby, drink all you want. She thought. She still didn’t want to say it out loud, but she didn’t have to, her face was saying it all.

Ooh baby, take it.

And he was taking all he wanted, and she now wanted it to, she couldn’t lie. It felt so good, who was she to break off something that they both enjoyed?

“Oh!” She accidentally said aloud, but he kept going, suckling on her, knowing how good it felt to her. Her legs were starting to part a little, and she was as horny as she could be.

His mouth was just over her nipple, just that one little spot, yet it seemed enough to wrack her whole body.

After a moment he stopped. Mila’s eyes were shut, but he soon picked up on her other breast, using his other hand as well to push it a bit, releasing some more of the milk in his mouth. She couldn’t think straight, but her mind had enough time to question why this was even possible. Well, omitting the strange alien-like being and the fact that she didn’t know where she was, she shouldn’t be lactating? How were her breasts filled with this creamy white liquid? How was she producing it, that he could drink his fill?

He slowed for a moment, and Mila was afraid he’d stop altogether.She was so tight in her chest, that when he started kneading them more, it was the best feeling ever. Like all the pressure in them was being released as he drank.

After a while of that, he did stop, and she whimpered as he pulled his mouth off her.

And then, he left. As simple as that.

Someone eventually came and put her out again, and when she awoke the next time, Mila was being lead through a wide door. It seemed she was going outside of whatever building she’d been in.

The place was beautiful. There was greenery and flowers all around, although most of them seemed off, like harsh replicas of flowers and things from Earth. She’d set her mind that she must have been taken by aliens, although they had merely the vaguest of classic hollywood alien-ness about them.

It seemed now, although she could hardly believe it, that she was on another planet. It was more believable now as she saw the “outside”, with it’s strange plants and more of the strange beings she saw before.

Someone was pushing her from behind, and she walked out into the light.

There were tables and benches, surrounded by plants and fruits, with the beings sitting at them and drinking. There were naked women sitting around them, most of which were big breasted, and she could tell were breastfeeding, although she doubted they had babies.

Clear liquid oozed from their breasts, and every once in a while the male things would pull one of them over for a drink right from the breast.

The strangest thing about this all?

The women didn’t seem to mind.

She wondered how they did it, the aliens. Did they threaten them? Beat them? There weren’t any marks that SHE could see. So why did the women look so genuinely happy?

Mila remembered how good it had felt before, but it still didn’t make sense. Surely she would never stand for it more than once…

As she was being pushed through the crowded area, someone came up and pointed at her. It was another white creature, but this one seemed even more burly than the last.

He shouted in his strange language, and the one behind her moved in front of her and shouted back. Mila couldn’t understand what was going on, but they seemed to be arguing about something.

Had she done something wrong? She was genuinely worried for a moment, before she remembered that she shouldn’t care at all. She was a kidnapped victim, why should she care if they were pleased with her.

As the argument de-escalated, she saw the white man’s face as he turned back to reposition himself behind her. It was the same one as before. She didn’t know if that meant anything, but it was definitely him.

They made it past the area with all the people, and she was lead to the door of another building. This one was much smaller, way more discrete.

When he opened it for her, she went inside willingly, knowing she had no other option.

It was amazing.

A huge room, so big she couldn’t see the end.

There were women there, all naked, all big-breasted, with tubes going to each of their nipples. Mila could tell at once what was going on.

There were small groups of the white beings going around, sticking them with some gray liquid from a syringe.

Was that what was making all the women make breast milk?

The women were kneeling on cushions, obviously very turned on, They were moaning, loudly, smiling, biting their lips…

Mila had always considered herself straight, but even she was turned on by the image.

It got worse as she realized where she was being lead. To the end of one of the lines, where two tubes were dangling from the ceiling, and two cushions sat on the floor. It was an empty slot, and she was going to fill it.

The white alien pushed her to the floor and she put the cushions under her legs for some padding.

Part of her wanted to fight what was happening, but a more prominent part wanted that feeling again more than anything. Of having her fluids being drawn out of her aching breasts. And that’s exactly what happened after he attached the hoses to them. She was being pumped, and her milk being worked out at alarming speeds.

He left, and every once in awhile the team of other white aliens would stop on her, sticking more of that marvelous gray liquid into her neck. If her breasts were depleted, they would immediately fill up again, as her body created the milk just as fast as it was being pulled out of her.


She stayed there for two days, before someone came for her.

It was the white man from before. Not the one who’d drank from her, but the burly one that had stepped up and shouted at her.

He undid the hoses, to Mila’s sorrow, and laid her down on the floor. She didn’t have good control over herself, her head was still swimming from the ecstasy of what had been happening to her.

But when he began to suck on her breast, it started again anew. Heightened. Alarming.

He drank from her without hesitation, without care. He was so greedy, so hungry seeming.He rested the rest of his body between Mila’s legs, and it wasn’t long before she was holding his head to her breasts lovingly, She wasn’t just letting him drink from her, she was feeding him, giving herself to him.

It felt so good to her, she just wanted more, more hungry mouths at her breast, more of the sucking on her hardened and now huge nipples. She didn’t care about the rest- that she was there without say. She didn’t want say. It didn’t matter to her any more.

She rubbed his back as he continued to drink. He drank all he wanted, working it out of her with his mouth and squeezing her boobs with his hands.

It wasn’t long before she started to talk too.

“Oh please, please do more. Feel my breast.”

It was the weirdest thing to her. She’d always protected them like a family secret, but now she was offering them, begging him to take them. The more he did with them, the better she felt. And it felt amazing.

The alien was taking this as the vikings took mead. He was guzzling it, had come to expect it after a day’s work. He was a brute, and didn’t care. As long as there were lactating women around who fervently wanted him to drink. Hearing the human woman start to beg for more, he couldn’t deny her. He started squirting out her milk at the same time he worked it out with his tongue,which made the milk shoot into his mouth so much quicker.

The woman began to tighten up below him, and he knew what would happen. Suddenly, she shook, and his stomach, between her thighs, grew slightly damp.

Still, he kept suckling her breast, rubbing it, and finally, letting go.

It was much looser than before, less tight.

But that was just the first breast.

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