Naughty Mark (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Naughty Mark

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

Mark stayed back after college lecture with his English teacher who was breasting feeding her cute daughter as she was marking their test script. Mark had always been her favourite student so she had no problem in seeing him around while the grading was on. But she became uncomfortable when she caught him staring at her chest, she could see the desire in his eyes and she on the other hand had wonder what it’s going to feel like when an older person suckle from her.
“Hey Mark, do you want to try some?” She asked with the hope of getting a no, but he nods his head reluctantly trying to make her know his fantasy. He smiled and moved over to her staring into her eyes lustfully.
“Hold on Mark, we don’t want to be caught be unwelcome guest, so go and lock the door”. Mark hurried up to fasten the door and dropped all the curtains, he could feel his throat was getting dry and he became thirstier for his teacher’s milk. Mrs. Jones took her daughter who was already asleep and placed her gently in a baby stroller right beside her table.
“Come over dear” she ordered him to come over. Mark sat next to her and watches his teacher unbuttoned her shirt so she could let out her large breast for him to suck. She made Mark place his head on her laps and placed her boobs on his face, Mark engulf her big brown nipple in his mouth and sucked gently trying to know how her milk taste like, he closed his eye tight as a large fluid filled his mouth and quickly, he it and draws another one while he moan softly. He opened his eyes only to see Mrs. Jones having hers tightly close; she seems to have been enjoying everything ever since the game has started.
“Don’t stop baby! You are making me hornier I love it” She said.
Mark reaches for her other breast and began to message it expertly while he suckles on the other. As soon as he done with the first breast, he pulled put the other from her shirt, he caressed the tip of her nipple with his wet tongue making her to moan out load.
“Oh yes, I love this baby” she said using her right hand to undo his trouser and brought out his harden cock.
Mark been an addicted masturbator knows what it feels like when a lady helps in jacking-off. He had missed this experience and had longed for it, he lowered his hands and threw his trousers off to allow her have full grip of his cock. Mrs. Jones moist her right hand with her saliva and began to stroke his cock up and down, Mark was enjoying this as he kept his eyes tightly closed not forgetting to suck her large breast with all his strength.
After about 10 minutes, he reached orgasm and shot his load up in the air.
“Get up and get dressed naughty boy” Mrs. Jones ordered as she buttoned her shirt and stood up to go.
“Hurry and don’t be late for late tomorrow, we might just try this out again” she added.

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