Necessary Nectar (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

Necessary Nectar

A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships

This really wasn’t a good idea, she thought. She knew this was something she may come to regret. But at this moment, as her heels clicked against the pavement and she walked briskly through the chilly mid-march air, she didn’t care. Her breasts ached with a fullness that was nearly unbearable, she had to see him, just one last time.

The creak of the old white door as she opened it was familiar, and excitement and anxiety rested like a ball in the pit of her stomach.

“Mommy?” His sweet voice called, and like that she was wet. Why she fell into this kink was beyond her, but the fact he, the muscular and tanned epitome of what women would dream of being beneath, being the one that was actually who wanted to be beneath her, was exciting. He sat on the simple bed, his flat was small, uncomplicated; what you’d expect a 20-something guy to have. Except for the fluffy stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons strewn about his white covers. Seeing him, calm and happy as he scribbled into a book, made a maternal feeling wash over her.

“There’s my sweet heart.” She cooed, walking towards him and moving to push her fingers gently through his short brown locks, his eyes sliding closed and his posture becoming even more relaxed.
“I thought you wouldn’t come anymore, Mommy.” A bit of guilt pinged in her chest, but she smiled down at him and moved to sit, swallowing the feeling.

“Well I’m here now.” She said softly, and his innocent brown eyes looked to her with a rush of excitement as he bounced where he sat “Does that mean- “
She chuckled and nodded before he could even finish his sentence. “Of course.”
While in his head he was small and childlike, his hands were anything but. They were gentle as he moved to slowly pull her shirt over her head while she lifted her arms to help, before his warm palms scooted her back on his low bed by directing her hips. She smiled, easily taking off her bra that clipped in the front. His brown eyes went wide as he watched her full breasts fall from her bra, the nipples already perked as her breathing quickened just slightly. “M-may I?” He stuttered.

She nodded, and before she knew it, his hot mouth was on her breast, suckling and coaxing the milk that she knew drove him insane, while his hand simply teased her other breast to have her milk brimming for him. He moaned at the first taste of her sweetness and she moaned in unison, hips squirming and making him only greedier, suckling her before moving his mouth to her other nipple, her breasts throbbing and now red. “Fuck, baby boy…” She panted, pushing her fingers through his hair once again. The weird feeling of lust and maternal instincts swirled in her head all the while, just like they used to.

He and her had met online, through some forum for BDSM. They found they lived walking distance from each other, and one thing led to her taking supplements and him driving her crazy with need to fuck and coddle him. She’d known he was bad for her, so she’d distanced herself, but she had a few supplements left that she didn’t want to go to waste; Or maybe that was just an excuse to see him one last time.

“Momma.” He hummed, bringing her back to the present and to the hard on that was pressing through his pants that he ground against her, his mouth still suckling her breasts and she couldn’t help but pant at the feeling, grinning at the cute line of milk he had running down his chin as he worked her over happily.
“Y-yes baby boy, go ahead.”

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