Rough milking

The two friends had finally come together with their intentions clear, having opened up about how they had felt about one another. With tension in the air, Tia invited Enjie into her home, a friendly demeanor across her face as she slowly let her get comfortable in her house.

As the minutes passed by, the ability to drum up idle conversations had dried up, leaving Enjie sitting awkwardly, until Tia broke the tension.

“How about we skip this part, and get right to what we want?”

The suggestion that Tia wanted to get down to business was made clear, and Enjie couldn’t stop herself from trembling at the thought of her fantasies becoming a reality. Tia on the other hand didn’t even try to stop herself from pouncing on top of Enjie, savouring the feeling of her writhing beneath her. After having her fill of teasing, she breaks her forced kiss, letting her victim breathe finally, but stays laying across her, holding Enjie tight in her hands.

“Now… how does it feel to be my little bitch?!

Tia practically spat the words down at Enjie, watching as she continued panting beneath her, face flushed red from her situation. It was obvious to Tia how embarrassed she was to have to submit like this to her whim, but also how turned on she was by it. Enjie did her best to hide it from Tia, but the inner-thoughts she was having whilst completely helpless and under her control were of unabated lust, a wanton desire to be used and abused. From the look in Tia’s eyes as she was having the same thoughts as well.

Unable to respond to her, Tia reaches down between Enjie’s legs, watching as she writhes from even the simplest touch.

“You’d better savour this, you little slut~”

Enjie’s eyes widen at the thought, and she desperately grinds her crotch against Tia’s hand, trying frantically to release her pent-up tension before she pulls it away. Alas, it was a futile attempt, as Tia notices her breathing increase again and her body begin to spasm, she pulls her hand away with a cruel smirk and pins Enjie down beneath her.

“Awwh, too bad… My turn~!

Fearing what she had in mind, Enjie braced herself in anticipation, but was relieved when Tia simply began grinding herself gently against her thigh. It was a very tempting sight, even beautiful to watch her skin glistening as she began panting from the heavy movements, her body grinding up against her own as Enjie felt her thigh become damp with Tia’s juices.

It wasn’t long before Tia tensed up on top of her, feeling a light shiver as she came across her thigh, soaking her skin with her own juices. The afterglow left Tia with a gentle smile across her face, which mixed with a sadistic tinge as she planned her next plan, having got her initial frustration out of the way.

“Stay still, my little slut~”

Tia pushes her down firmly against the floor, maintaining eye contact as she crawls across her chest, until she’s straddling Enjie’s torso. In this position, it’s easy for Tia to just reach down and grope Enjie’s tits, watching her silently squirm beneath her. The sight was adorable, seeing her so easily tormented whilst Tia began grinding against her once again, her pussy still aching for more attention.

“Now, you be a good girl and make lots of cute noises for me!~”

She emphasized this command by giving both of her nipples a rough twist, getting exactly as she wanted as Enjie squealed loudly, her chest rising off of the ground in perverse pain as she arched her back, the milky-white fluid squirting from her nipples finally. All the while, Tia has free reign to continue grinding on top of her, smugly staring down at Enjie as she’s left frustrated and neglected, save for the torment of her ample tits on a whim.

“P-please… not so rough!”

Enjie lets out a single defiant sentence, as if trying to catch the words out of her mouth as she says them, but to no avail. They were very clearly heard by Tia, and it was obvious she was not happy about her little spat of over-confidence. In response, she twists again, only harder, and this time pulling at her nipples at the same time. In an instant, Enjie’s face and confidence melted away into a depraved sight, squirting her milk over her chest as she screamed in pleasure. Tia took a lot of pleasure from seeing that confidence shattered beneath her, seeing Enjie tear up out of sheer pain as she played with so readily.

“You don’t make the rules, bitch! You obey, or else!

That final word is followed by another punishment, squeezing her tits roughly in her hands, watching as Enjie can’t help but let out pained moans at each touch, her tits teased raw by this point and milked so roughly. By this point, she had forced such a steady flow of milk from her tits that a damp spot was growing beneath them, her skin glistening with her own fluid. Whether from holding it back to savour this little torture session, or in response to seeing her suffer so sweetly beneath her, Tia begins picking up her pace, clear in showing her enjoyment.

Her focus switches from torturing Enjie to madly grinding against her, rubbing her cunt against her skin, smearing her juices across her chest and using her milk as a lube to glide across it. Out of nowhere, Tia suddenly tenses up, her body trembling on top of Enjie as her orgasm overtakes her.

In her fit of bliss, she tightly grips at Enjie’s nipples and twists them hard, watching as her little captive writhes beneath her, squirting thin streams of milk into the air as she savours the sight whilst her mind melts in the wave of pleasure crashing over her. Looking incredibly satisfied, and somewhat exhausted, Tia crawls off of Enjie, quivering in place as she speaks over to her, still on the floor.

“You were amazing!


Her gentle smile caused Enjie to smirk as well, slumping back into the damp spot on the floor before Tia leaned down to help her up, heading towards the showers for them to wash away their aches, leaving only the afterglow of such an intense evening together, the start of something so much more.

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