Sasha and David

Sasha was a young woman, in her mid-20s, of average height and weight, about to embark on a unique and strange journey. Sasha was dating David, a stockbroker in his early 30s, and everything felt perfect in their lives. They went on vacations together, spent the holidays with her family, even wore matching outfits on Christmas morning. Sasha couldn’t have been happier, or so she thought.

David had a secret, one that had kept him from total bliss in every relationship he had had. David dreamed of having a woman in his life who would grow her breasts heavy with milk, and nurse him. Obviously, this wasn’t a “first date” topic of conversation, and he truly wanted this with Sasha, but as more time went on, it just got more difficult for him to bring the subject up.

Finally, one night when they were sitting on the couch, enjoying a glass of wine and the fire in the fireplace during the first chill of autumn, he mustered up the courage and broached the subject with Sasha.

“Sasha, are you happy?” He began hesitantly.

“Of course,” she replied, smiling down at him in his customary place of putting his head on her chest. “Are you?”

“Oh yes, quite happy. There’s just one thing that would make me happier.” David stated, his heart pounding with nerves.

“What’s that?” Sasha asked, genuinely curious. Their lives felt perfect.

“Would you ever consider taking supplements and training your breasts to produce milk, and letting me suckle at them?” He asked, his eyes closed against what he felt was the inevitable negative response.

Sasha was quiet for a long while, stroking David’s hair, before answering. “I won’t do anything that will cause me bodily harm – that’s my boundary. If I can do this safely, I would be happy to do this for you.”

What Sasha failed to mention was that the mere thought of her breasts growing heavy with milk and having her lover taste from her, brought heat pooling between her legs. They agreed – both quite readily – to do some research that night and see what Sasha could do safely to induce milk production. What they found with a cursory internet search shocked them both. There were whole communities online of people who wanted the same thing they did! It made Sasha feel less odd about the whole thing, and David seemed even more excited. It didn’t take them long to find a regimen of supplements, diet, and exercises that would help induce lactation in Sasha. They decided to start the next day.

The following day, after work, Sasha stopped by the local vitamin shop and made her way cautiously to the counter, armed with her cell phone where she had taken notes on what she would need. The clerk gave her a kind smile, and Sasha felt a little less awkward about the endeavour she was about to embark upon.

“Excuse me,” she said a little more meekly than she intended. “I need a variety of supplements, and I’m not exactly sure where to look. It’s my first time here.”

“Well, I’d be more than happy to help you find what you need, ma’am. What can I do for you?” The clerk replied. “Do you have a list or something?”

Sasha reluctantly handed over her phone, the screen lit up onto her list. The clerk’s eyebrows went up just a small bit, but he recovered quickly. “We definitely stock these things…” his voice trailed off and he leaned over the counter to address Sasha more quietly. “Are you sure these are the supplements you want? You do know what they do, right?”

Sasha could only nod, mutely, as she felt first her face flush, then all color drain from it immediately after. The clerk shrugged his shoulders and, taking her phone for reference, began to move through the aisles, picking out what she would need.

By the time Sasha made it to the grocery store, she was determined to not ask for any help. She didn’t know why it felt so humiliating – new mothers did this all the time when they couldn’t produce their own milk – but something about it felt different somehow. She shrugged it off, walking through the store to pick up the things she would need, and was thankful that her cart looked fairly normal.

When she pulled up to the house she shared with David, she couldn’t help but be excited with anticipation at what was to come. Would her breasts get bigger? Would she start expressing milk right away? Some of the women online said it took months before they noticed any appreciable change. Sasha didn’t know if she was in this for the long haul or not, but David was certainly beside himself. He had been texting her all evening, asking her what she got and when she could start.

“Well,” she said to herself as she unloaded the trunk, “no time like the present!” She took her contraband inside, giggling a little to herself, and prepared for the journey ahead.
A Few Weeks Later

Sasha had been following the regimen religiously. The right foods, no alcohol, the right supplements, and daily sessions with David where he would suckle at her breasts to try to encourage them to express. On this day, just a few days before Thanksgiving, she was feeling a little discouraged. Her breasts were tender and a little engorged, but so far nothing had come from them.

She laid on the bed, David sidled up next to her and kissed her. He tenderly removed her shirt and unhooked her bra, and hefted one breast in his hand. Sasha felt a familiar heat in her loins, closed her eyes, and just laid back to enjoy the experience. David gently put her nipple in his mouth and sucked. While he did this, he massaged the other breast, using the motions that they had learned were best for their experiment. She felt a tingling sensation, and then something new. The breast he was suckling at got warm, almost hot, and she felt something… move in it. A moment later, David lifted his head in surprise.

“Babe, I think I tasted something!” He said excitedly.

“Well, don’t stop,” she retorted. Whether or not she was expressing milk, she was enjoying the sensations.

David went back to suckling and massaging, lapping at her nipple with his tongue. He was sure he tasted something sweet and thick, and made it his mission to get more. Sure enough, after another moment or two, the other breast started to leak under his massage. He pulled his hand away and looked at it in wonder, then moved his mouth over to that nipple to suck. Sasha put her fingers in his hair and stroked gently. This felt like heaven! Then David did something he’d never done before. He reached down with one hand between her legs and started to tease her while he sucked. Sasha gasped at his touch, paired with his suckling at her left breast, and David went after her wetness with gusto.

Sasha reached up and started massaging her right breast – the first one to express anything – absently to increase the sensations. Before she knew what she was doing, that breast started to leak a little, too. She felt the milk run down her fingers onto her hand, and nearly came. That climax didn’t take much longer with David’s fingers flicking her clit and playing with her g-spot in a ‘come hither’ motion. Sasha let out a groan that turned into a loud moan as she climaxed. David pulled more of her left breast into his mouth and sucked hard as Sasha came. He was rewarded with another taste of her milk, warm and thick, and groaned also.

It was Thanksgiving, and Sasha and David had been enjoying her lactation for a few days. It seemed like every time they were in bed together, she expressed a little more milk. By now, she had gotten used to the feeling of needing to nurse David. Her breasts would grow hard and swollen, and she could feel the milk release just before he started suckling.

Today, they were having some friends over to celebrate the holiday. Sasha was a little nervous because she had gotten used to their feeding schedule of three times a day, and that wouldn’t be possible with several people in their space. David told her not to worry, that they would make up for it later that night, and Sasha took a deep breath and told herself she would just look forward to that feeding. David certainly was – he would brush against her chest every chance he got as they prepared the food and waited for their guests.

When everyone had arrived, Sasha realized she had overplanned for this event. There were almost a dozen people in their small house, milling about. She looked over at David apologetically and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled at her. When he smiled, she felt it. Her breasts grew hard and she could feel them straining against her bra. She tried to put the thoughts out of her head of how good it felt to have him attached to her nipple while he played with and teased her.

One of their friends, Mary, walked over to where Sasha was sitting on the sofa. She leaned over and whispered in Sasha’s ear, “You’re soaking through your blouse, my dear. Come on, let’s go find you something else to wear.”

Sasha glanced down and was horrified to see that she had been expressing milk – enough to soak through her silk blouse. She got up quietly and followed Mary through the house to the bedroom, where Mary threw open the closet.

“Don’t worry, Sasha,” she reassured the young woman. “This happened to me all the time after the twins were born. I’ll show you a trick I learned.” She grabbed a new bra and a blazer, reaching in and pulling out the shoulder pads. She lined the bra with the shoulder pads and handed it to Sasha.

“This will help absorb some of the milk. Not all, but enough that you’ll be able to tell when it’s getting ready to soak through.” She said, matter of factly.

Sasha took the bra and put it on, looking at Mary incredulously. Oh great, she thought to herself, I’m going to have to try to explain this to her.

When Sasha opened her mouth to try to explain, Mary put up her hand to stop her. “What you and David do is none of my business, Sasha. Besides, it’s not like Luke and I haven’t experimented around with it, too.”

Sasha’s mouth dropped open in shock. She had had no idea! When she told Mary this, the other woman responded by chuckling and shaking her head.

“No one did, Sasha. I got lucky – I had two newborns to blame it on, so no one questioned me! But yeah, Luke and I still play at nursing him. We’ve kept me producing even though I’m no longer nursing the twins. It’s fun!”

Sasha couldn’t think of what to say in response. The idea of keeping this going with David turned her on to no end, but she had no idea someone in their close circle of friends was also doing this. Mary simply smiled, patted her on the shoulder, and walked out of the room, saying over her shoulder, “Don’t worry. Mum’s the word.”

It didn’t take long for David to come looking for Sasha – her and Mary’s absence had been noticed and when Mary came back out, she simply announced that Sasha wasn’t feeling well. David came back to the bedroom, expecting to see Sasha lying in bed or in the bathroom. Instead, she was standing in front of their full-length mirror, massaging her breasts.

David was instantly aroused and went to her, putting his arms around her and taking over the massaging for her. Sasha felt her breasts grow heavy with milk – more so than usual – and she tried to tell David that something felt different, but she couldn’t find the words.

For his part, David was enjoying feeling Sasha’s chest change in his hands while he massaged it. Her breasts felt hot and heavy, like they were about to let loose at any moment. David led Sasha to the bed and laid her down. He got into position, and this time Sasha cradled his head in her arms, leading his mouth to her left breast to nurse. He closed his eyes and went to town on her engorged and darkened nipple, suckling at it like he was starving.

It only took a moment before Sasha’s breast expressed a large amount of milk, rather than the drops they’d been getting before. It sprayed into David’s mouth, filling it. David swallowed the sweet, thick liquid gratefully, moaning against Sasha’s breast. She stroked his hair and let out a low moan of her own, enjoying the feeling of David nursing successfully from her.

When it was clear that nothing else would come from that side, David moved to the right breast and sucked, licking around the nipple to moisten it before clamping his lips onto it. This side didn’t express quite the torrent that the other one did, but there was still a significant improvement over previous nursing sessions. David latched on even more and swallowed the creamy goodness. While he was swallowing it, they both reached climax. Trying to be quiet, Sasha put a pillow over her face as she moaned. David groaned against her breast as he tried to limit his own noise. With each taste of her milk, he wanted to come again. It was like nothing either of them had ever experienced before.

After they returned to earth from their climax, David looked up breathlessly at Sasha, whose hair was a little rumpled from the pillow. He smiled up at her and licked his lips, trying to get just one more taste. That turned Sasha on to no end, and she growled the words at him, “David, stop it! You’re going to make me jump you!”

David just laughed and stroked Sasha’s breasts lightly. She drew in a shuddering breath and glared at him. David laughed again at her indignation, and leaned up to kiss her.

“I think this is going to be very fun from here on out, Sasha.” He assured her, kissing her again.

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