Suckle it baby


Becky’s boyfriend is like a stallion when it comes to the matters of the bed. He could be ridden all night long and he wouldn’t break a single sweat. Becky continued to enjoy his monster cock deep inside her virginal even when she was already six months heavy with their child.

By that time, they both found it a bit reckless to do the missionary position. So instead, Becky would usually go down on her knees, on all fours and give him the arch. Richie would slide his 7 inch cock inside Becky right from behind and continue to thrust at an astronomical rate. Becky’s protruding stomach was never going to stand in the way of pleasure. That, they made sure of.

If there was one thing that had kept their relationship very solid, it was their crazy drive for sexual pleasure. Once, while at a friend’s house, Richie had gone to light a cigarette at the balcony. He was backing the entrance. So, he didn’t know when a drunk Lilly, their female friend sneaked in behind him and reached straight  for his cock.

Richie had assumed it was his girl, Becky. She wrapped her palm around his cock and kept thrusting her palm. Occasionally, Richie would shiver from the intensity of the masturbation Lilly was giving him. It was easier since Richie was in a nighty. Half drunk, there was no way he could tell in the dimly lit balcony that it was not his girl. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he turned and pinned Lilly to the hand rails, hung her right leg on the iron, inserted his giant cock in between her smooth butt. She moaned quietly as Richie kept pounding her from beneath. She could feel every thrust because they came with such power that was hard to ignore. Her virginal dripped of sticky semen. Richie gagged her with his fingers, so that her moaning would not attract the nearest person in the house. He gripped her neck from the front, her head swaying backwards, both of them locking tongues from time to time. Richie didn’t know that the girl in front of him was also a screamer until when he dug in way deeper than before. Lilly let out a scream that echoed deep into the night.

The door of the balcony opened slowly and to Richie’s surprise, at the entrance stood the silhouette of a familiar figure. It was then that he turned Lily around. The light emanating from within shone on her face. Becky couldn’t believe what she was seeing. All attempt to explain things to her fell on deaf ears. Lilly, still drunk, was inviting her to join them in the fun. It was not how Richie had imagined that the party would go.

That experience put a strain on their relationship for quite sometimes but they’ve been together for ages. Becky found a way to understand eventually and forgave her long time lover. At any rate, a baby was already growing inside her.

Nothing changed. As a matter of fact, their sexual desire doubled tremendously. Becky figured sex made her less frustrated and irritated about the pregnancy. So she would have it with Richie as often as possible.

At the early hours of every morning, Becky would notice that her top was always wet around the nipples. The sex had reduced a bit, since it was already the 8th month of pregnancy. They thought it was best in order to avoid any form of complications. Though, from time to time, Richie would still put it in.

The milk that dripped from Becky’s nipples soon increased and it was not yet time for the baby to come. Since there was no much sex anymore, Richie would always be up midnight to suck the breast milk. He felt it was pointless to let such nutritious content to go to waste. He squeezed and sucked the milk. His tongue was an expert in that department. He caressed the left nipple with the tip of his tongue and grab the full breast with his strong palm, releasing and fondling it. Becky gave out a gentle moan as she felt every sensation from the activity. Usually, the tempo would increase. Richie got up and stood in front of Becky, while she knelt before him. His seven inches giant cock brought out from where it is hidden, dangling like it had no control over itself. Becky wasting no time. She would caress it with the touch of her gentle lips at first and eventually, her tongue would dampen the swollen cock with throbbing veins ringed around it.

Richie would sit in a relaxed position on the leather sofa, while Becky crawled to meet him there. Her nipples standing erect to make a valid point of desire. There’s a chill that runs into his head by the time Becky insert his dick in her cleavage, rubbing the east-west breasts upon his dick. Richie described it as “a moment in paradise”. Droplets of milk would drool from her nipples. She would rub the milk on his dick and blow him off. All the while, Becky was thrusting her fingers into her own virginal, with her thumb rubbing her clitoris. She would then rise and take a cowboy position on his laps. At this time, Richie would suck her nipples passionately, like the destiny of the world depends on it. “Suckle it like that”, she moaned as Richie simultaneously insert his monster dick in between her legs and up into her pussy. Richie always laid flat on the sofa so that there was no direct contact with Becky’s tummy.

Becky had got into the bath to join Richie that morning and as usual, Richie had gone down on her. Sticking his tongue out and suckling her clit, she quivered and held his head to it. “Don’t stooop”, she whispered, letting out a moaning cry. Richie got up and placed her hands against the bathroom glass, hitting it hard from behind. That was when a large amount of water had gushed out of her pussy… . “The water just broke”, she said.

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