The Big Delivery (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

The Big Delivery (A Story About Adult Nursing Relationships)

I had been working at my grandparents’ hardware store since I left school at the age of sixteen,  spending my days sat behind the wooden counter in a shop frequented only by elderly customers who didn’t want to catch the bus to the huge DIY supermarket in town and by my grandparents’ loyal customers. For two years I spent my days sat in the shop, bored to tears, wishing that there was more to live and then one night after a drunken romp with the friend of a friend, I fell pregnant and discovered there was.

I worked in the shop until I was due to go on maternity leave and then did just that, giving birth to a healthy son shortly after.

Yet then I discovered just what boredom really was.

After six months of sitting in my home with my son, my social life having died a death, I was practically begging my grandparents for the job back behind the counter of their hardware shop.

Finally, after spending nearly an entire week assuring them that my son would be fine at a nursery, they agreed to have me back.

The first couple of hours went fine, I was inundated with all of the elderly customers asking me questions about how me and my son were and when they going to be able to see him for the first time.
I smiled through it all, wishing that for once we would get some good looking young male customers in the shop to liven things up.

Just before lunch, my grandparents emerged from the back of the shop and told me that they were off to the wholesalers’ depot and to shut up the shop and have my lunch while they were both gone.

Glad for the distraction, I waved them off and was about to shut the door when a lorry pulled up before the shop and a large, dark skinned bald man got out, his biceps bulging from his short-sleeved uniform. He paused as he touched his feet down on the ground, gave a me a huge smile, his eyes looking me up and down and then he approached me, “Hey, are you the owner?”

“No” I shook my head, “It’s my grandparents, I just work here”
He grinned, looking me up and down once more, “I doubt a woman as pretty as you just does anything”

I blushed at his words and shook my head, unsure what to say, and he chuckled and stepped back to the front of his lorry, returning with a clipboard, “I have a delivery for the shop”
“Ah” I winced, remembering that my Granddad always liked to be there when deliveries arrived, “Can you call back later?”

He shook his head, “Sorry, I’m on a tight schedule”
“Ah” I winced again, “I was about to close for my lunch”
“No worries” he beamed, “I will unload all the boxes into the shop, then you close for lunch while I put them away…problem solved”
“Sure”I nodded, forcing a smile, “I guess that will be OK”
The black man grinned, “When I woke up this morning I didn’t think I’d be having my lunch time with a gorgeous white woman”

I blushed at his words, watching as he turned and walked away towards the back of his lorry, my eyes fixing to his broad back.

I had never been attracted to black men before in my life but there was something about this arrogant, confident man that was sending strange rushes of heat through my body, my nipples aching as he walked past me into the shop, his six foot frame dwarfing my five feet one. As he vanished from sight inside, I let my gaze drift over my reflection in the window beside me, taking in my apparently attractive features framed by my shoulder length brown hair, my ice blue eyes bright as they peered out from my small framed glasses. Lowering my gaze, I took in my large breasts, still swollen with milk, and then my stomach and hips, neither fat but slightly thicker with post pregnancy weight.

“Hey” the older man grinned as he emerged from the shop to collect more boxes, winking at me as he brushed past my body.
Ten minutes later, I was sitting on the single chair out the back of the shop in the storeroom, the front door locked, my shaking hand trying to put a sandwich in my mouth as I watched the large man lift the boxes that he had carried in up onto the high shelves.

He had stripped off his uniform shirt to reveal a vest beneath and his muscles were straining as he bent and lifted, the toned form of his back, arms and chest more than turning me on as I watched.
The last time that I had sex had been the night that I had fallen pregnant and to say I was horny was an understatement.

He turned, grinning at me as he caught me staring at his rear within his uniform trousers and chuckled, “Hey, it’s not a zoo”

“Oh I’m sorry” I blushed, “I didn’t mean to stare…”

“Hey” he grinned, turning to lean back against the shelving behind him, “I don’t mind…I have been checking you out since I got here”

I blushed once more and he chuckled, his eyes holding my gaze as he continued to talk, “So, got a husband?”

“No” I laughed, “I’m only nineteen”
He wiped a hand over his mouth, “Nineteen eh…boyfriend?”
“No” I shook my head, “Why?”
He shrugged, “You got a baby though right?”
“How…?” I began to ask, stunned until he pointed at me.
“You got a little bit of a leak there”

Cringing, I lowered my gaze to stare in shock at the tiny damp patch on my tee shirt, glancing back up at the voice of the black man came again, closer than before, “Hard nipples will do that”
Through eyes half closed with lust, I sat looking up at him as he stood before me, one big hand reaching down to stroke my face, his voice thick with lust as he spoke, “Damn, you are so hot!”
Letting out a shaky breath, I lowered my gaze from the hunger in hi eyes then cursed aloud as I saw his trousers tenting in front of me, the shape of his manhood visible, big and very hard.

He laughed, “You like the look of it eh?”
I grunted, stunned and embarrassed and he chuckled once more, dragging me to my feet, his mouth smothering mine, his fat tongue pushed its way between my parting lips, mine meeting it.

Mind racing, I hung in his powerful grip as he snaked one muscled arm around my waist, while his other hand reached up between us and squeezed each of my big breasts in turn before giving my throat a gentle squeeze and returning back to maul them again.

Without warning, he turned and sat me on top of the table in the room, his hands dragging off my tee shirt before he grinned and shook his head, licking his lips, “Look at the size of those”
I gasped as he dragged down the cups of my bra, filling his big hands with my breasts, his mouth fastening to my right one.
I groaned as he sucked on it, gasping in shock as I felt milk flowing, one hand moving to cup my other heavy breast while his other moved around to stroke my back. With a moan, he raised his face to grin at me, “God damn, that milk taste good!”
With that he fastened his mouth on my other nipple, suckling as if his life depended upon it and eyes rolling in my head, I stroked the back of his head with one hand while my other squeezed his shoulders and arm muscles, my mind reeling at the touch.

“Oh my God, you feel so hard!”
“You like hard eh?” he chuckled as he straightened, pulling me from the table as he steered me back to the chair to sit before him as he began to unfasten his belt. Dumbstruck, I sat and watched as he pushed his trousers down, his underwear going with them, leaving me sat staring straight at his massive black manhood.

Heart pounding in my chest, I moved my face forward as he gave the back of my head a gentle encouraging push, “Go on girl!”
Reaching out with my hand, I wrapped my fingers about the fat base and opened my mouth, trailing the flat blade of my tongue up the underside of his thick throbbing shaft, and then turned my head, licking the side back and forth between my parted lips, slowly coating the entire thing in saliva. In the past, previous boyfriends had always told me how good I was with my mouth, and I wanted to pleasure this man whose name I still didn’t know as much as I could, turned on beyond belief by his big manhood.

Above me, he gave a grunt and opening my mouth wide, I slid my lips over the head of his manhood in a tight ‘O’, taking him inside.

“Damn, girl” he reached up and held my head still with his big hands, making me gag slightly as he began to push back and forth with his hips, tears running from my eyes each time I choked.
With a grunt, he pulled free of my mouth and dragged me back up to stand, smothering my mouth with his once more as he quickly tried to unfasten my jeans, my panties being dragged down as well as he pushed them down my legs. For a moment it was chaos as I tried to kick my legs free of the encumbering clothes while he loomed over me, a big hand stroking that large manhood of his.

I let out a shaky sob as he slid a hand between my thighs, my legs threatening to give way as a large finger slid between my wet lips and then he was lifting me back onto the table, my bottom perched on the edge as he lined the head of his swollen manhood up with my pussy. Wrapping my hands about the back of his thick neck, I lowered my gaze, watching as he slowly pushed inside me, opening me up in ways that I had never even thought possible.

With a lusty snarl, he reached up with both hands, cupping each of my large breasts in his hands, using them as levers as he began to pump back and forth, driving me crazy as he cursed and snarled.
“Give me some more milk” he grunted, raising a large breast to his face and I watched through eyes half-closed with lust as he fixed his hungry mouth to a nipple, moaning and sucking, his face a mask of hunger, his manhood still filling me with each thrust.

Time lost all meaning as I hung perched on the edge of the table, his arms moving to brace my legs high like a slut as he filled me again and again, my mind tilting as orgasm after orgasm hit me.

With a roar, he pushed deep, emptying himself inside me and I sobbed aloud as he swabbed his tongue over my nipples, hungrily feeding from my milk until with a lip-smacking sigh, he pulled free and stepped back, “Damn, that was the best delivery of the day”


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