Empty Crib

Empty Crib

Karen had once regarded herself as an exceptionally fortunate person. She met the love of her life in high school and he was strong and smart and kind. She landed her dream job right out of college. By the age of twenty-five she’d already become a sought after interior designer and Mark’s success with his dot com business insured that money would never be an issue for them. But as Karen sat there staring at the empty antique crib nestled in the middle of a nursery she spent months designing, she didn’t feel lucky anymore. All she felt was a gaping hole where life was supposed to be.


She barely noticed when Mark entered the nursery. It was only his look of disappointment at her untouched tray that drew her attention. He was not the kind of man to languish over anything. He was a problem solver. He saw his broken wife as just one more puzzle that needed to be sorted out. His latest attempt was to gather all her favorite foods in order to get her to eat. It wasn’t a bad idea, but the things that once brought Karen joy no longer had any effect.


Part of her felt guilty that she couldn’t be okay for him. After all, he’d lost as much as she did and now he was stuck watching helplessly as she slipped away too. She loved him and didn’t want him to suffer, but she couldn’t see a way to push through, to find her way out of a fog of misery.


As he knelt down to pick up the tray he pleaded with her. “Tell me what I can do. What do you need?”


The words came out, somewhere from her subconscious. “My breasts are leaking all over my shirt, but I can’t bring myself to pump for a baby that’s not here.” There. She gave him a problem he could fix. She didn’t know how he planned to fix it and she didn’t much care, but she knew it would help him.


After he took the tray downstairs he came back for her. He picked her up off the floor of the nursery and carried her to the master bath where he’d already filled the tub. He undressed her and lowered her into the warm water. She didn’t resist as he washed her. She had to admit, she needed a bath and the feel of his strong hands on her brought her comfort.


Once she was clean, he wrapped her in a terry cloth robe and carried her into the bedroom. He sat her down on their king-sized bed and the robe fell open as he laid across her lap. She watched with some interest as he took one of her engorged breasts and brought her darkened nipple to his lips and began to suck. As the milk began to flow, a sense of relief rushed over her. The fog that seemed to surround her began to lift and it was as though she could find her way again.


Tears started to spill down her cheeks which caused Mark to stop and look up at her with concern. She shook her head and offered him the other breast. “No, don’t stop.”


He took her other nipple into his mouth and began to drink. She held him in her arms, and ran her fingers through his brown locks. As he fed from her, she felt close to him in a way she’d never felt before. Once her milk had stopped, she changed into one of his old t-shirts and they went to sleep. It was the first time in a week that she’d slept in a bed, she usually just fell asleep on the floor of the nursery when she became exhausted.


As time passed and she began to heal, whenever she felt too heavy, she’d lift her shirt and call Mark over. Without complaint he’d rush to her side and relieve her of her milk. As he was nursing, with his eyes closed, an expression of serenity on his face, she asked, “Do you like the taste?”


He blinked up at her. “We’ve been doing this for weeks and you just now thought to ask me that?”


Her cheeks reddened. “I was just curious.”


He grazed her blushing cheek with the back of his fingers. “Yes, I like the taste. You are very sweet.”


His words sent electricity through her body straight to her clit and the next time he latched on, she couldn’t help but moan.


Her fingers traced down the taut muscles of his stomach, running through his treasure trail, she slipped her hand under the waistband of his boxers and wrapped it around his stiffening cock. She stroked him as he suckled her and it was the hottest thing she’d ever experienced. Her pussy clenched in desire.


Mark never being the type of man of leave her wanting, pushed his boxers down to the floor and pulled her onto his lap. She slowly lowered herself onto his rock hard rod until every inch was buried inside her. She rode his cock while he sat up, sucking the milk from her ample breasts.


The faster she rocked on his cock, the harder he sucked on her nipples. The pleasure built up inside her to the point where she was riding him so hard that he had to release her breast and milk rained down on his chest and face with each thrust. She braced herself on his shoulders to keep going as waves of pleasure rippled through her body.


Her wetness flowed and pooled in his lap as she rode his cock. She came screaming his name. At the same time, he exploded inside her, filling her with jet after jet of cream. Exhausted, the two of them collapsed in the bed breathing heavy. Mark nestled his face between her breasts as they held each other.


“I love you, so much,” said Karen, and as she cradled her husband she knew would be there for her no matter what, for the first time, in forever, she once again felt like a fortunate person.

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