Lovely Lucy: part seven – lover’s tears

Her phone screamed at her.

She peeled back her eyes and was met with a smiling Kenny, who sat neatly dressed at the end of the bed reading a medical magazine, surrounded by a sea of bags.

As she fumbled for her phone, she was roused by a cup of tea on end of her side table, just above the note that was written by her lover. She quickly scanned the note.

Sitting up, she looked at him and muttered in a sleepy disbelief, ‘’What? What is going on? What are you doing?”

Kenny threw down that his mag and slid up the bed to curl up with her.

Her face fell as she heard the words fall out of his mouth.

“We’re going to Melbourne for a week. I know how much you love Australia and we could see some of it together; I thought you would like to come to see it with me. It’s an amazing opportunity. So, pack your things and get your passport ready. We fly out tomorrow.’’

Her eyes sank as his voice grew concerned, ‘’what’s wrong Lucy?”

As she sighed, ‘’Kenny, I’m excited, but when I read the note, I honestly can not see myself being a part of the mile high club… it’s something I can’t deal with… just yet…. I’ll tell you in time.’’

With that, she burst into tears.

She watched Kenny stare at her dumbfounded in between her sobs. She felt him pull her into his chest as he cradled her. He pulled away her hair and laden her cheeks with kisses, her forehead also received his longing lips.

In what was an eternity, she finally composed herself and whispered into his ear, “I want to travel with you, it’s just that sometimes I can’t move beyond the painful memories that I don’t want to talk about, just yet… just…’’

Pulling away from her, she felt as though Kenny was about to cry with her.

In a seemingly vain attempt to stop herself from diminishing the most romantic gesture she had ever received, she peeled herself from Kenny and pushed herself up from the bed.

In doing so, she felt empowered to move beyond those memories and live her life with her now longing lover. She knew that the memories would not haunt her if she flew in the face of

them with the bravery of an unimagined force. Moving to the bathroom, it was now or never. Now.

She turned back through tear stained cheeks she lunged at Kenny with fervor and the deeply held notion that she was turning into the person she wanted to be with the person she wanted to be with. Kenny wasn’t tall dark and handsome, but he was what she wanted more so than anything else in the world.

She placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him so softly with love and affection. As if this was the one last kiss that would send them apart.

Her bare skin savoured all the input it could, especially as she felt the warmth of his skin against hers, the bare cotton of his shirt and the rough denim of his jeans. She felt the tingles on her back as he traced her spine and moved his way to her hips and to that one little sweet spot that made her move in a way nothing else could.

She grazed his shirt collar and moved to his back. She held onto him for dear life.

She wanted him to take her.

She received her wish.

Her body shifted toward the bed once more and she felt the soft sheets that were still warm from her slumber as she lay back down.

She felt Kenny move her legs over his shoulders. She felt his lips kiss hers, as he circled every part of her dripping wet pussy. With a slight shove of his shoulders, he leant further into her and plunged deeper and deeper until his face was engulfed.

She instructed him to look up in deep breathy messes.
She murmured to remove everything, just to see her man’s body.
She witnessed the fastest undressing of her life by a man, a stranger less than a year ago.

As she leant forward to ensure that he could lay gaze to the milky glossed breasts that he lusted after so much, she wanted to make her fingers dance along where he had been. She refrained. But first, she knew that she wanted him to make her feel that distinct shudder, that he could provide.

That yearning was tied with what she thought was a distinctly selfish desire to make him do all that she desired so badly.


Her body reaped Kenny’s rhythmic pulses between his tongue and his fingers. She watched him as he lifted his head for a surprise and retraced his movements with the thick member. She panted as he was ensuring that all three met her needs.

Fuck me and suck me

Without a word, she felt him glide inside of her, squeezing herself and pushing him deeper as she forced him with his legs.

She watched him suckle and swallow at a constant pace, although he was being thrashed by the lashings of her. She cradled his neck with her left hand and cooed to him.

In the mayhem, she moaned for no more.
She had her way as she let him finished suckling her.

After she heard his final sway of his hips, he grunted and kissed her forehead once more. She felt his milky breath cool her down in the sweaty distorted moment.

As she watched him move to be next to her, she followed his body and leant down to give him a lick. This was before she moved to shower.

She needed to work through her to do list, before her flight tomorrow. Her pain was the last thing on her mind.


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