Juliet and Richard

“Juliet ! Where are you going ? I said I am sorry, pardon me Richard apologised ..
” Sorry? I saw you dancing with that bitch, holding her waist ,by the time I came out of the rest room you were all over her, can you let go of my hands, I’m leaving… Juliet struggled to leave get her hands of him.
” Com’on, darling. You worry too much nobody is taking your man away from you ” Richard insisted.
” let go of me, you hurting me.. I don’t know why I’m standing here talking to you ,you are so cheap, I’m leaving. Juliet pulled her hands away from him and spotted her driver in her luxurious car, she entered the car and the driver drove off. She left the surprise birthday dinner her fiance Richard organised for her.
“Gosh! Juliet…when will you get over this jealousy of yours.. She just ruined her birthday dinner. I know what to do, Richard said to himself.
Richard kept calling her phone but she didn’t take her calls. Juliet, got to her mansion in Beverly hills, took off her Givenchy monostrap dress, her loubutin shoes, her Victoria secret’s lingerie and her 18 carat worth of diamond necklace as she went straight into the bath tub in her massive bed room to shower.
While she was having a warm bath, She sipped her wine and the thoughts of her fiance couldn’t go of from her head.” Rich loves me, I think I’m probably overacting. I have messed up again! What is the matter with me. Oh my God.. I can’t apologies, it’s my birthday and I’m suppose to me treated like a Queen” Juliet said to herself. while she was still thinking about her mistakes or the should haves, she heard a foot step coming towards her room.
” Who is there? I said who is there? Juliet screamed.
The light went off and Juliet got really scared.
” who the hell are you? Juliet’s heart beat ran faster.
. The light came up again and it was her fiance Richard standing naked.
” Rich, omg! You scared the hell outta me, you are so mysterious” Juliet chuckled .
” happy birthday once again, my darling. This time I am here to make it up to you.
Rich walked towards Juliet and kissed her very passionately, she couldn’t resist him as she was already feeling guilty of her previous attitude and she needed Richard badly to make her sex starved pussy drip of cum. The couple of months has been too busy for Juliet that she barely had time for herself. Let alone having sex.
” I’m sorry for the other time baby.. Juliet apologized
Richard wouldn’t let her talk as her kissed her lips and bite her tongue in a sexy way.
They both closed their eyes and shared a passionate kiss. Juliet’s hand cradled Jake’s head as her tongue forcefully explored the depths of his mouth. The two stood in the bathroom for several moments, sharing their first kiss.
After a moment, Richard’s hands guided Juliet head downward, toward one of her breasts. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it, leaving a shiny spot of spit on it after he relinquished it. Juliet moaned and stroked his back. Without a word, Richard carried Juliet straight into her room .While they kissed,Juliet’s hand made its way to the whole of Richard’s body grabbing his cock and touching it to get harder
“Mmmm,” she moaned into his mouth, then releasing the kiss. I miss you like crazy baby..
” I miss you more baby, Richard replied with one of her nipples in his mouth.
Juliet took his rock hard cock in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her pussy as she lowered herself onto him.
“Oh, God,” he instinctively groaned.
Juliet was now rocking her hips in a quick rhythm, allowing Richard’s cock to sink in and out of her warmth as she fucked herself on his love stick.
Oh baby, you certainly know how to drive me crazy, Richard moaned .
The sensations of her pussy on his dick were incredible – it gripped him as she rose onto her knees until the point that only his tip was inside her, then her pussy sucked him back into her depths as she lowered herself back to his thighs. He let his hands grope her thighs and abs and chest as she rode him, but for the most part, he lay still on the bed, letting Juliet pussy grab and release his cock as she fucked him, using his hardness for her pleasure.
He was focused on her own enjoyment. She had not been with a man for few months she was away.
He changed style and moved Juliet dis time to bend as he fucked her very hard and Juliet couldn’t stop moaning .
“Damn, that’s hot!” Juliet said with her face mere inches away from Richard’s
Juliet’s eyes scrunched shut, and Richard would have thought he’d hurt her, except that her pussy was milking his cock as it did when she had an orgasm.
He held still, loving the way she felt, fully encompassing him, until she relaxed. “Now, fuck me, Squirt. Fuck me hard!”
Richard began to move his hips, in and out, thrusting as hard as he could. He bent over and took her free tit in his mouth, and reached out with his other hand, and began to play with Juliet’s ass.
He could feel himself getting closer, but wanted to hold off as long as possible to enjoy everything.
He felt Juliet grab his hand and begin rubbing it against her sloppy pussy, moaning next to him . Then, to his shock, she moved his hand further up, and had him playing with her asshole. Not sure of what she wanted, he just kept rubbing. She looked up at him, and released Juliet’s nipple long enough to say, “Finger my ass.”
He gladly slipped two fingers unto her rectum, and then marvelled as she came, mewling loudly around the nipple in her mouth, and swivelling against his fingers.
Juliet was grunting under him in time to his thrusts, and Richard knew there was no more holding back. He moaned into her breast as he started to shoot off into her grasping pussy. This seemed to set Juliet off as well, as she began to scream out her own orgasm.
Juliet’s feet stayed clasped behind him, not letting him go till he had fully emptied his load into her. As soon as her legs dropped, Juliet shoved him back, and began to suck his cum out of his Fiance.
Happy birthday my darling.. I wish everyday can be your birthday, Richard said as Juliet pushed him away and slept off.J

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