Lovely Lucy: part six – The Rush

Kenny’s big goofy smile said it all, this was a guy besotted by the woman he had grown to trust.

He rolled lazily from her bed, almost falling as he reached for his bag. He was in desperate search for his silver phone and his black leather wallet, well, more importantly, his credit card. He looked at over at her. At this point in time, a content Lucy curled around her pillow within the sea of sheets. She was sailing to the land of sleep. As she drifted off, he knew he wanted to spoil her as she had given him so much of herself to him and now was the time to put together at least something to show her what he thought.

His mind raced through her interests, their conversations and the little collections of personal items that littered her little place that she called home. In what way, could he blend all these things together, just so he could show the apple of his eye just how sweet he could be?

He knew that she traveled to Australia and enjoyed her time there, she liked shopping and being a Brit, she enjoyed culture. He also knew that she loved Kenya as evidenced by streams of photos scattered around her office and she loved children.

Knowing that he hadn’t been to either country before, he made a snap decision.

He held his heart in his mouth and a breath baited with fear. A few web pages and some nifty finger work meant that in 23 hours they would be traveling. He knew that visas were not an issue in the slightest.

He just made sure to pack warmly, as he leant forward once again for his bag. After fumbling for paper and pen, he scrawled a note telling her what to do and what he wanted to do to her in the plane and stuck it firmly on the side table. It would be the first thing she saw.

It read,


We like playing games. We play cat and mouse at work. We play games to take our minds off things. Well, now we’re going to play a little game. What is the common bond between these words?

Gibson, Brooks and B (Spice girls fame). Birth, Babies and Labour.

So, what do these two words mean? Put

Well, if you put them together, that’s where we’ll be heading. Surprise!

Pack your bags. We’re flying out in less than 24 hours and we’ll be gone for a week. We have first class tickets because you’re a first class person. You’re the person, for whom I’ve only ever truly wanted so much.

I’m so glad for that little invite back to your place. Things have never been the same. K. xo.

P.S., I imagine you’d like to join the mile high club with me. I know what you’re like Dr. You’re just like me. From this, I’d love to sneak you into my little cubicle, have you sit on top of my lap as you face me in all your glory. I imagine you to be wearing a cute little dress with nice shoes, but we can’t be getting too summery. It’s wintery and cold in Melbourne. Although you were asleep when I wrote this, I see you straddling me for dear life in that tiny little room. With my fingers sliding up those goddess thighs of yours and feeling what lay underneath those tight little blue boyshorts that entice me so. You bend back, just so I can trace you and feel how much you enjoy those fingers of mine. Being as quiet as we can be, I feel you shifting your dress to expose those breasts that make me wild like a stray dog staring at the moon. I see you in your element. You see me in mine. The sky is clearly not the limit for this chemistry. As these little droplets of milk that fall down, you lean forward maneuvering your right shoulder forward so I can pull you in tighter. I caress your breasts and make sure to give them the attention that they deserve. All the while, your cubicle is free. (Bring the alcohol from your little cabin into mine. It’ll be a celebration of our consummation) Given that we’re so naughty and so discreet, I pull from behind a blanket to cover us. The air staff don’t need to see what is clearly meant for us, Luce. When I remove my fingers, I replace this little thing with something so much bigger. Any guesses what that could be? That’s right. I feel you move around that thick shaft of mine. Rocking slowly back and forward, you make sure that we move carefully as we don’t want to lose any part of that delicious delicacy that you have. I imagine that you ride up and down, gently. As if you were a surgeon piercing the patient you prepped for surgery. On second thought, each time you rock gently, you’re as gentle as the clouds that laze by in the day sky. As we draw closer, we hit turbulence. It makes me hold onto you tighter, for dear life. The impact allows us to get away with more mayhem as we can explain any strange movements and sounds through this little event. Through this increased tension, it’s at this moment we feel the earth shake with that one shared moment we know so well. Orgasm. P.P.S. I’ll be back in two hours. Take your time with packing. It’s chilly in Australia now so pack warmly.”

With that, he scooped up what was his and became decent with clothing once more. All the while, he hoped that his words allowed him to convey his emotions and feelings to her.

Like Tarzan, he swung through the air with the greatest of ease. He leapt through her front door, swinging it shut. He hailed a taxi to pack for what would be his biggest wet dream yet.








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