Tina: part one: to my office

They were of equal age, they both were lovely,

Had learned the ABC from the same teachers,

And so love came to both of them together

In simple innocence, and filled their hearts

With equal longing.



Pursing her lips together in the staff bathroom mirror music teacher, Tina, coloured her pale pink lips in a deep brick red. A final going over her black pants and shirt, plus the black slip on shoes she always trudged in. Her mind trickled over with the compositions she needed to revisit with students the latter half of the day and the parents that she might consult on the second last day of the term.

She sighed.

Her days were long and unrelenting as she spent her after school hours teaching privately. She taught from her house in Brooklyn. Her existence in the area came solely through the inheritance of an uncle, from whom she received the house and a slew of investment properties. She never needed for anything. She still taught for the sole reason of a true yearning for music and the people, who shared her fervour for a tune.

Today was the day was helping the junior year high school students to master the scales of the Glockenspiel and being able to move music into the instruments to create some sort of resemblance to its written counterpart.

She popped her lipstick away into her suit pants, walked through to the teacher’s lounge room and poured herself a coffee. From there, she carefully slinked out to the back of the school’s assembly with contraband coffee in hand. Sometimes she felt as naughty as the kids she taught. At no point in time did she actively notice the grey washed walls or the collections of photos of teachers, alumni or ‘’motivational posters’’, which were merely a collection of quotes with some vague reference to achievement.

Just as she had enough time to allow for her precariously full coffee cup to let its contents settle, the grammar school pupils filled neatly out of the school hall into their respective rooms.

Following the blue and white uniforms, Tina lagged behind them. As her foot reached the door to step outside of the hall, she heard the shrill of the principal, Olwen Vogel. The tall brunette with the preened bun, 1950’s A-line dress and designer taste marched to the confused woman as she squealed, “Ms Cooper!’’.

Tina rolled her eyes as she turned around to meet the perennially flustered boss. A part of


Tina always wanted to strangle her although she knew that the jail time was not worth it, but she also wishes to kiss Olwen so tenderly and pull her in tight to make sure that each tear that Olwen shed over her ex-husband was no more. Tina always tried to hide her attraction to Olwen through learning to consciously pointing out the worst parts of her superior. Tina tried to openly show resentment. It often paid off.

With an unconvincing smile, Tina asked what Olwen wished to talk about. No words came out of Olwen’s mouth, so Tina just followed.

Tina had a strange inkling that they were equally matched in their desire.

They walked through the hodgepodge corridor, past the teacher’s lounge with its odd array of furniture, through the front office with its rundown wooden interior and its overworked admin staff. After about 15 minutes of walking in deathly silence, the two had reached the doors of the music department.

A wide-eyed Tina stopped in her tracks, turned to Olwen and whispered, ‘’What is it, Olwen? Just tell me. Honestly. What have I done?”

Olwen blankly stared back, muttering, “Ms Cooper, follow me to my office.”

Tina just persisted. It was no point in arguing or questioning Olwen. Tina just trudged ahead with Olwen.

Tina felt a hand at her lower back, when she was in front of Olwen’s secretary, Christopher Retches.

Overwhelmed with confusion, Tina pondered what this was all about. Three lingers lingered around in her mind. W, T and F.

Christopher chirped, ‘’Morning Tina! Oh, Mrs Vogel, here are your parental memos.”

Tina apprehensively watched Olwen, as she snapped those pieces of paper on the way past to open her door and nodded thanks to her admin boy. She gestured to Tina to come through the door. Tina politely sat down and felt Olwen’s breath run down her neck and tingle her spine.

“Tina, I’m sorry for being impolite out there, but there is something I need to tell you. I’ve noticed something about you…’’

Olwen slipped her hands down Tina’s back and leant in for the sweetest kiss. Tina was right. Tina felt the earth shift inside herself as she kissed her boss, moving just so to make sure the two women were standing up.

Tina felt Olwen lean them both against them table, with a smattering of kisses, Tina’s buttons of her shirt come apart. It was the sweetest moment from the woman she treasured from the moment they lay eyes on each other.

Without a word, Tina pulled away at her shirt and bra. She was topless to for the first time in a very long time. Tina grew delighted in the experience, as she felt Olwen trace her tongue around her nipples, her breasts and her bra line. In was all too much as she let her boss suckle and rear drown in her milk.

Tina thought as this being the most vulnerable she had ever been and this was the most secluded and romantic gesture she had done.




Tina curled her hands around Olwen’s delicate features and lifted up her head. Drawing for a kiss, she whispered, “Sweetness, let’s continue on after school. Chris is knocking’.

Olwen quietly slid out the door and Tina’s inner self jumped for joy. She had her wildest desires confirmed. She looked down at the milky mess and simply grew joyous.





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