Tina:  part two: sick

Tina waited quietly in Olwen’s office with a gaze of excitement and sense of sheer satisfaction as what she longed for in this world had culminated into reality.

As she buttoned up her last button, Tina heard the door open. She looked confused as Olwen stepped through the door.

“I’m so sorry about that, Chris needed to see me. He’s a sweet boy, but often just lacks manners, sometimes.” Olwen explained.

Tina muttered, ‘’It’s okay, but with what just happened, never has anyone ever done anything like that. I’m so thankful. I always felt for you. Also, how did you know I was…?”

Olwen slinked over like she had won the lottery.

With a deep breath and a gentle nod to the chair that Tina slunk in, Olwen explained, “Well, it started when we first meet as you tended to avoid me or at least pretend that I’m not around. I was a little hurt by that, because I think you’re perfect or near to. Some months later, I had knock on my door and it was one of the IT guys. It was drawn to my attention via I.T.’s access to your emails suggests this isn’t the case. I want you, too. I want to do all those disgustingly filthy things you’ve written in your emails with you. No-one needs to worry about it. I told the respective I.T. staff that it is none of their business and had them reprimanded for their inappropriate access to your personal emails. I always thought you were gay, I always bisexual.’’

Tina nodded, although she did not realise that these emails contributed to at least one sacking of the IT department.

Olwen continued, ‘’I always just wanted to be with you. I wanted to seduce you. I wanted to take you away from everything.’’

Tina nodded.

Olwen whispered, ‘’I left John, my ex-husband not long after I met you. I realised that he wasn’t the one. You were. I’ve been hopelessly drawn to you.’’

‘’But, I thought John left for you…’’

Olwen shook her head. ‘’I’m yours, now. Tina… honestly.’’

With that declaration, Tina hugged her new found love and kissed her once more.’’

Tina rushed a million thoughts her head. What happened if she lost her job? What did this mean for her? What did this mean for every aspect of damn life?

Olwen whispered gently, ‘’I’m going to tell Chris, that you’re unwell and that I’ll be making sure you get home safe. I’ll also tell him that given that you live a fair while out, that I’ll be working from home today. Chris and the deputy principal trust me. I’ll make sure your classes are covered. Besides, it’s our time now. So, grab your things and we’ll meet here in 10 minutes or so.’’

Tina nodded and scrambled back to her office through the maze of walls and halls. Now, she could not make eye contact for fear of exploding with joy and rapture.

It was a time lapsed blur as she gathered her bag and everything she needed to.

She ratted her way back to her new found love’s office.

When she finally arrived, she made sure to look as pale and faint as possible. She made sure to loll somewhat convincingly so much so Chris offered her to walk her to the nurse’s office before Olwen would be able to meet with her. A very thankful Tina smiled and just shook her head. She would happy wait for Olwen.

Tina’s eyes met Olwen’s as she shut the door. Tina stood up rather unevenly and stood next to Olwen as Christ was instructed what to do for the rest of the day.

Tina whimpered, ‘’Thank you Olwen for this. I’ve never felt this bad for such a long, long time.”

Olwen just nodded.

Tina and Olwen turned to walk out school in a slinky, naughty march to the door.

Just before they reached the sunlight beyond the school walls, Tina felt Olwen’s touch and watched her walk into a spare, secluded room with a few tables and chairs.

Now was their chance to do something equally as naughty as before.

Tina shut the door behind them as they silently snuck in. She decided to take the lead. She pealed back Olwen’s pretty dress. She pushed her lips against Olwen’s and drew their tongues into a gentle tussle. Tina made good work of her hands as they slide to Olwen’s sides and gently separated her bra and matching underwear. It was apparent that Olwen planned this whole thing, or so Tina thought. These hands made like Moses and separated the fleshy sea.

Tina felt Olwen gently perch herself on a table and responded by leaning over Olwen, as if she was decoding a map. A face full of excitement. Tina’s mix of fingers and tongue trace around her new-found love’s inner thighs, flickering to her sweet treasured spot and her lips.

Tina heard Olwen’s gentle, rhythmic refractions of pleasure. Clearly, Olwen enjoyed the moments shared. It was only heightened when Tina decided that Olwen’s breasts needed the affection that they rightly deserved. Tina made sure to follow the sweet little nipples, wrinkles and folds. Olwen, who had recently had baby exploded with milk. This was unlike Tina, who had an odd mix of hormones.

Tina felt the delicacy of the desire engulf that was Olwen, as she focused on her breasts and a very small part of the beautiful dripping wet oyster of a pussy.

Tina felt the table move to reverberate Olwen’s current state of being.


Tina stood panting and shocked.

She felt these romantic interludes were best in the privacy of her house. Tina kissed Olwen and whispered that these two new love birds needed to leave.


This was especially since there were the distinct footsteps with a militant squeak, which grew louder…

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