Toby and Amanda

Maya ensured the camcorder was rolling as her younger sister Amanda peeled off her oversized red shirt and her giant milk-filled breasts flopped throbbing with her huge dark nipples and surrounded by huge pink nipples. Her boobs are perfectly angled down her small chest and looked fixed in the middle with thumbs up as bowling balls.

Amanda Toby pushed down on the couch and straddled him. His huge dick rested between her legs and rubbed against the fabric of her panties and bare thighs. Her huge breasts crushed against his bare chest, and he felt her wet nipples poking his skin. Maya zooms closer as her sister slowly dragged her massive jugs up and down Toby’s torso. Toby was going nuts deep in his mind and body. His head was already turning deep purple only from her huge tits up and down his chest. Although Bree’s mother had H cups, her tits were not locked when Amanda’s, which made him even hotter.

Amanda used her hands to lift her right gigantic tits. She lifted it to her mouth and twisted her tongue. She slowly licked around her thick juicy nipple and then pressed the tip of her tongue on the tip of her nipple. Toby watched and drooled while she sucked her tits right in his face. Amanda sucked hard on her swollen nipple and groaned. She left nipple with a loud pop sound and a geyser of white milk originated from and leaked all over her giant jar. She hit the colossal tit in the face of Toby and his face was completely engulfed by soft tit flesh. She moaned as Toby went drinking at the work of her incredibly sweet milk from her breast. Toby thought he would never taste milk of another woman in his life since the milk he took from his mum when he was still a baby.

He kneaded and stroked her huge vacancy hang tit while he sucked and slurped on the other. He managed to get half of her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it hard pouring milk with her nipple in his throat.

Amanda rubbed her big tits Toby everywhere shy face with his mouth still attached to her areola and nipple. She began to cream in her panties as Toby sucked harder and stretched her huge nipple of her tit from his lips.

Maya could not believe she was filming a teen tit sucking milk from her younger sister. She was very warm and difficult cases. Amanda pulled her Toby’s right tit of the lips with a doll and placed her left nipple between his lips. Toby squeezed and torn her left tit, while he crammed so much of her flesh as possible into his mouth. Her mother’s milk sweet leaked from the sides of the lips Toby as he drank. His face was smothered in tit flesh, and he thought to himself if he would ever die, that this would definitely be the way to go.

Maya got in close and could only see Toby’s ears as his face was deeply implanted in the breast of her sister. Amanda lifted her right tit and sucked on her nipple.

After a few minutes, Amanda force pulled her left tit Toby’s milk filled mouth. Toby swallowed the last load of the milk. She pushed two huge tits and her forearms formed a giant milk dripping nipple. Toby gripped her breasts as he feasted on both milky nipples at the same time. Toby sucked extra hard and long without breathing to get milk from her taunt nipples. Amanda uses her forearms to squeeze her fat tits and pumping milk at Toby’s mouth.

He stopped sucking his breath catch and her nipples sprayed his face with milk. He hung his mouth to catch her milk. He enclosed his lips back on both the rising and nipples sucked.

Amanda had a powerful orgasm and came into her panties. He felt her wetness weeks his cock and it made him really devour her nipples and areolas. She jiggled, wobbled and bounced her tits in the face of Toby’s. They buried him pockets between her gigantic meat and let leak her milky nipples in his neck and back. She stood with her legs dangling and its mountainous jugs in his face. They hit his face with her jugs and milk started spraying everywhere on the face of Toby’s. “Oh my God! If you do not fuck soon, I’m going to explode!” cried Maya.

Amanda giggled and stood at more than Toby. He looked up and just sees her gigantic breasts hanging down to him and the stretch marks that come with large breasts. Her face was completely hidden above them. Toby wondered how Amanda could ever see her abdomen with her tits in the way. She pulled down her soaked panties and kicked them off her feet.

“Oh, Amanda! His dick looks ready to explode!” Maya gasped when she zooms the camera to Toby’s huge throbbing cock. “Think you’ll be able to last long on that thing?”

Amanda stepped off the couch and knelt between the legs of Toby’s. Her huge milk-soaked hanging tits jiggled against the couch as she sucked down half of his cock between her lips. She bobbed her head furiously his cock up and down. She had jaw muscles she had never used before to clamp around his very swollen cock using her mouth. Toby brushed his fingers through her short red hair and watched her mouth milk his freakishly huge dick.

“Amanda Holy shit! That thing looked to be about 12 inches long!” Maya gasped as she filmed her sister’s face turning red and blue, while she sucked his cock not taking a breath.

Toby moaned repeatedly raised his legs. Amanda grabbed the back of the knees Toby’s and helped him keep his legs as she sucked and slurped his meaty pole. She felt his huge head penetrating her throat and cheeks. He pushed her head up and down further along his cock.

“Hmmm! He’s Face fucking you Amanda,” said Maya. She held the camcorder with one hand and used her other hand to fondle one of her big tits.


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